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Tue, Jul. 3rd, 2007, 05:41 pm

Now fully aroused by this man, I began to slowly go down his large shaft, inch by inch. As he began to slowly fuck my face, on each thrust, his cock was going deeper and deeper into my throat, until I could feel his large nuts up against my chin. I was convinced I had at least 10 black inches fully inside my throat now, and was leaking like a faucet. During this entire time, I was totally concentrating on making this man feel as good as he could. As the face fuck continued, I was getting harder and harder as I heard him tell me that I was the best cock sucker he had ever had, man or woman. On my knees, I simply mumbled "MMMMMM" while blowing him, and took both his hands, placing each of them on both sides of my head, letting him know I was really ready for some serious mouth fucking. He took the hint, I heard him exhale in a loud sexy way, and then he began his true assault on my face. For the next 20 minutes or so, I was filled to capacity, and taking it like a trooper. In fact, my moans filled the rest room very loudly now. My wet mouth had lubed up his big dick really well, and saliva hung to his cock like big strands of glue. As he continued to fuck me really well in the mouth, I was beginning to feel the urge to shoot my wad. The loud slurping noises made from my devoted sucking, was getting us both turned on, and wanting more, I grabbed his black ass and began to manipulate his buns with my fingers. I could feel him begin to tighten up, his breathing becoming quicker and more labored. Thinking about what I was about to get, I began to feel my own cum shooting out of my cock, which had never been exposed to him at all. My underwear began to fill with my cream, and I could feel it starting to hit my stomach, too. This was the best feeling in the world, and at that same time, I felt the first shots of his hot semen begin hitting the back of my throat. I began to suck his cock greedily now, not wanting to miss any of his seed. Shot after shot, I drank it down like wine, and it tasted sweet and thick. As he began to come down from his blowjob, my mouth expertly worked the length of it, milking all of his semen from him. I loved spending those extra minutes with him, cleaning his cock with my warm mouth and tongue. Reluctantly, I felt him pull away from me, and I felt his big dick slide out of my mouth.
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He pulled me up, he kissed me deeply, and then he gave me his phone number.

This was my first taste of black cock, but definitely not the last. I still see this man from time to time, and it's just as hot now as it was that very first time. If you like this true story, let me know, and I might think about writing more.
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Tue, May. 15th, 2007, 06:59 pm
Let's not marry this ammendment

June 14 is a very important day for equal-marriage supporters throughout the state of Massachusetts. On that day, the state legislature will convene for a Constitutional Convention where they will take up an anti-equal marriage amendment. If the amendment gets just 50 votes from senators and legislators, it goes to the ballot in 2008.
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Here's a better idea: kill the anti-marriage amendment before it gets to the ballot.

In our country, we take pride in the fact that we live in a democracy and have the right to vote. We collectively decide who we want to represent and lead us. People have fought and died throughout American history just so they could enter the election booth. But a population should not vote for or against the civil rights of a minority of the population. Imagine what would have happened had inter-racial marriage been placed on the ballot in the 1950s, or the question of slavery to the ballot in Mississippi in the years following the Civil War.

The majority is not always right.
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The process to get a Constitutional amendment adopted is a strange one. Only 50 members of the state legislature and senate are needed to vote for the amendment in two consecutive years. It then goes on the ballot in the following year. This means that a minority of the legislature can dictate what passes.

Talk about un-democratic. At the last convention, only 62 members of the legislature voted against giving all citizens the right to marry who they love, but it was enough to move it to the next round.

I'd like to remind these 62 representatives what has happened since 2003, when the Massachusetts Superior Court granted gay and lesbian couples the right to marry - nothing. People have gone on with their lives as they always have. There has been no eruption of a culture war in the streets of Worcester or Marlborough. Boston hasn't fallen into the sea and Springfield is still, well, Springfield. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the country, while the self-professed bastion of moral authority - the south - has the highest.

Mon, Apr. 30th, 2007, 09:54 am
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dildo in my ass

"I'll do my best. But, when a dick this big is fuckin' me, I gotta
play with it," I smiled over my shoulder. He pushed himself up, leaving
his dick deeply buried in my ass. With his arms extended, he began a slow
series of push-ups, letting his hips contain all the motion. His arms were
locked, so the only contact we had was his horsedick slowly fucking my
eager ass. I tried not to push back into each thrust, but I wasn't always
successful. He felt so damned good in my ass.
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Dave shuddered above me, holding as motionless as he could. "Don't
move," he begged. "I'll cum!" I did my best not to munch on his dick with
my hungry ass. "I want this to last a little longer," he said, kissing me
on the back of my neck, again. "Besides, the longer I hold off, the more
cum I shoot up your tight ass!" he giggled.

"What a sweet talker!" I grinned over my shoulder. "But, if you
don't cum soon, I'll be shooting into the sheets. You have no idea how
often you're hitting my prostate and how good it feels. I could easily cum
just by you fuckin' my joy button."

Sat, Apr. 21st, 2007, 05:16 pm
gay guys

"If you have a separate institution that's set up specifically for gay guys fuck, it is discriminatory by its nature," said Brian Rater, a software engineer and treasurer of the board of the New Hampshire New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition.

The fight for equality in marriage may not be over, but for many, Lynch's announcement yesterday was worth celebrating.
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"It's definitely historic; it's a huge step forward," said Rater, who has been with his husband for 10 years. "To live in a state that goes forward like this, purely through the legislature, without having to be pushed into by the courts, it really says a lot about the state of New Hampshire and the fairness of the people here."

Thu, Apr. 5th, 2007, 08:17 pm

Passionate gay lovers show their feelings
BEIJING (Reuters) - For singer and bar-owner, Qiao Qiao, talking about her sexuality live on an Internet broadcast accessible to millions of people was easier than telling her parents that she was a lesbian.

"My mother was very supportive," she said on Thursday, as cameras rolled in a small studio in northwest Beijing. "But my father still has not accepted it."

"He said I was young and would feel different when I was older ... But he is still saying that even though I'm now in my thirties," she said.

Qiao Qiao was the first guest on "Tongxing Xinglian", China's first gay chat show, an interactive online forum hosted by gay presenters and accessible to more than 130 million Internet users across the country.

With the title a loose play on words of a Chinese idiom "people with the same afflictions sympathise with each other", the weekly 12-episode show, produced by PhoenixTV.com, aims to open minds in a country where homosexuality was listed as a mental illness until 2001.

"Of course, not everyone will be able to accept this show," producer Gang Gang, told Reuters after the Web cast.

"But 90 percent of people think we're doing meaningful work here," Gang said, who also appeared on the show.

Wed, Mar. 28th, 2007, 05:52 am
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Despite the problems same-sex couples still face, Jimmy Nieves said that the Gay & Lesbian Wedding Expo did more than just help people looking to plan a wedding do it more efficiently and comfortably. He thought it would light a fire under those same-sex couples floundering on whether to take the leap into commitment that he took.

Wed, Mar. 14th, 2007, 03:13 am

Crazy twink sperm play videos and picsPerhaps more than any Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger openly professes his support of gay rights. He has signed more than a dozen laws strengthening domestic partnerships and hate-crimes protections.

Fri, Feb. 23rd, 2007, 02:31 pm
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Unable to resist anymore he spit on his hand, unleashed his cock and
began stroking it with a fury rivaled ony by the sensual confusion that
raged within his own mind. Perceptions of reality and memory merged in
the passion and Kurt was back at the first night, about to insert his dick
into Dave's mouth. His ass tightened, thrusting his crotch up into the
air. Both hands flew back to brag onto his pillow beneath his head. The
passion of the moment overwhelmed him, flowing as it did throughout his
form. His nipples, chest, arms, even his very toes were alive with the joy
of the memory. The images and emotions so powerful that he felt lips
tighten around his cock. His hands remained behind his head as his senses
reported being sucked off expertly. In his mind he saw Dave, bound beneath
his, blowing him. A tongue licked all around it, lips tightening on his
shaft. Light nibbles landed on the base. The tongue tickled the sensative
spot at the tip and once more the mouth lunged down the shaft, taking him
all in at once. He shuddered as he reached orgasm, cum flying everywhere.
His body thrashed about in animalistic ecstasy. His eyes shot open and
looked about. He was alone, the lips that were around his cock having fled
back to the memory whence they'd come.

Sun, Feb. 11th, 2007, 06:25 am
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"Oh, yeah, ride that cock. Damn, boy, this is so fucking hot!" Iexclaimed.Daniel was soon slamming his ass down into my crotch. Fully impalinghimself on my rigid shaft. The bed frame began to rock and creak. I soonjoined in and began to hump my hips upward with each downward thrust.After a few minutes of this, I grabbed onto Daniel's waist and began tohump up into him. Daniel maneuvered himself into a knelling position overme with his hands on my shoulders. Hot boys screwing

Sun, Jan. 28th, 2007, 06:15 am

"This time my love, I will make sure that you do not leave with the `blueballs'," he whispered into his ear. Then the fingers of his left handcircled Joseph's neck holding his face so that their mouths were weldedtogether in a deep kiss. The Arab's long tongue probed every corner ofJoseph's hot mouth. Then with his right hand he encircled Joseph'sthrobbing cock. He began moving his hand slowly up and down the shaft ashis thumb swiped across the sensitive cock-head. His hand expertlycontinued to work the soldier's cock as he face-fucked him with his longtongue. Moving his mouth away for a few seconds, the older man looked downupon the face of the moaning serviceman and said, "Yussef, `habibi', youare mine now, yes mine. Mine forever. Kassie may borrow your body from timeto time, but from now on you are all mine: your body–your heart–yourmind–your soul. Mine all mine. You belong to me!"And in response, Fazzi could feel Joseph's fingers encase his own manhoodand slowly begin to rub up and down. Together, their fingers enclosing eachother's cocks, they pumped faster and faster till both exploded in orgasmiceruptions.Hottest gay links

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